DAM Guru Program In Depth — Part 3

DAM Guru Program In Depth — Part 3 by Mary Yurkovic

In the previous two articles of this series, we learned about DAM Guru Program services, and we saw some of the new and forthcoming services that program creator and manager Picturepark has planned. In this final installment, we’ll address the question that is on the minds of many in the DAM community: Can Picturepark, a DAM software manufacturer, be trusted to manage what has become such a visible DAM community resource?

Picturepark Management Concerns

Despite all DAM Guru Program’s good intentions and successes, there are those who remain uneasy about such an increasingly powerful community resource being managed by a DAM software vendor. Many question whether a DAM vendor can be impartial when it comes to member-matching and data protections. Some have also speculated that DAM Guru Program is nothing more than a lead-generation source for Picturepark.

As one program member disclosed on a recent survey, “no one has tried to sell me anything yet, but I assume they will.”

Picturepark of course claims that none of these concerns are warranted, and the majority of DAM Guru Program members seem to agree, with only 11% of survey respondents saying they would prefer to see the program managed by another entity.

Does it bother DAM Guru Program creator and Picturepark marketing director, David Diamond, that some members would rather not see his company involved with a program it invented?

“It bothered me a whole lot at first,” he admits. “Ben and I were crushed that any member would think we hadn’t handled the program with integrity. But in all but one of these cases, it was a guru member who hadn’t been matched with anyone. Members who were matched were happy. So we need to get more members matched.”

Smidt added that more than half of those who felt the program should not be managed by a DAM vendor still gave it a generally positive rating overall, suggesting that their opposition might more about principle than anything else. One objector, he says, left a note on her survey that read, “Thanks for all you do to help this DAM world connect.”

This doesn’t mean, however, that DAM Guru Program has been without its operational fouls.

Source: DAM Coalition

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