DPA 2014: DPC Award for Safeguarding the Digital Legacy

DPA 2014: DPC Award for Safeguarding the Digital Legacy 

The DPC Award for Safeguarding the Digital Legacy has been introduced in 2014 to celebrate the practical application of preservation tools to protect at-risk digital objects (completed in the period 1st August 2012 to 31st July 2014).

Introductory Criteria

This award draws attention to concrete efforts to ensure important elements of our generation’s digital memory remains available to future generations. It need not involve particularly innovative work, but must illustrate a clear understanding of the risks that digital objects face and the reasons for ensuring they are properly managed. It should be an exemplar case study in why preservation matters and it must be capable of being described in terms that are readily understood.Recognising the rapid development of this field, the judges do not wish the criteria to be restrictive. Nominations will be considered which best fit the description given above. To this end, the judges will begin their assessment of applications against simple criteria which they may choose to weight accordingly:

Source: Digital Preservation Coalition

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