finderoo – meta search engine

finderoo – meta search engine 

Despite the name and logo, isn’t Australian – it’s based in Germany. It is supposed to search across a number of other search engines for you, but there’s no indication at all as to which ones they use, which isn’t terribly helpful. It does have a number of search options – as well as searching the web, it will search images, video, news, blogs and ‘knowledge’. There is also an option to filter results using the ‘Topic’ option, which is used to rather better effect by engines such asCarrot2 as this one takes a bunch of words that it finds and tries to work with those. Filtered topics for the search on ‘CILIP’ for example are ‘The Leading’, ‘Institute of’, and ‘Body for’, which really don’t help at all. Searchers can limit by domain, such as .com or .org and there’s a family filter. The latter is so bad it’s laughable, so cross this one off the list if you don’t ever want to see adult content.

Source: Phil Bradley’s Weblog

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