Seven-step Digital Asset Management Implementation Guide

Seven-step Digital Asset Management Implementation Guide By Jens Lundgaard

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When implementing a new digital asset management system, it’s important to first have a firm plan in place. That way you can be as sure as possible that your project will be a success. I would say that the biggest factors for potential failure are not the software you select, but are:

  • lack of specifics on what will make the project a success (the business case)
  • a lack of defined processes for the most common use cases (i.e. the most common tasks that users will need to do successfully over and over again) coupled with the man-power needed both up-front and ongoing to maintain these
  • and of course, a lack of good, relevant content

So here is our seven-step guide designed to drive the process of specifying and implementing a digital asset management solution. It is intended only as a sample plan; yours may look different, but the underlying principles are common to all projects of this kind. Certainly, good initial strategic thinking is the key to building the best possible system that meets all your needs now and in the future. And just as certainly, the system will need rigorously efficient management once in place.

Source: Brandworkz

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