App for journalists: Pixifly, for searching Instagram by date and location

App for journalists: Pixifly, for searching Instagram by date and location 

When using Instagram in your reporting, this app enables you to search photos by date and location

Devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Cost: Free
How is it of use to journalists? The Guardian, CNN, and The Boston Globe are just three news outlets who are using Instagram to add context to their reporting and source user-generated content from the online community.
Within Instagram itself you can only search content by user or hashtag, so for those wanting to search for an image in Instagram within a specific time frame or location, it is worth taking a look at Pixifly, a free iOS app which enables you to do a geo-located search of public Instagram photos, posted on a particular date.
To get started, log in using your Instagram credentials and allow Pixifly access to use your current location. (You can deny this access if you wish, but you will not be able to search for photographs posted nearby without inputting your specific location or postcode.)
By default, Pixifly shows a feed of images posted within one mile of your current location within the last 30 days.


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