“AV Archives: Why They Matter”

18th SEAPAVAA Conference 

“AV Archives: Why They Matter”

Lao Department of Cinema

Vientiane, Laos

26-30 May 2014


The nature, purpose and potential use of AV archives and the great cultural value and memories which these archives hold for nations and their peoples are not widely understood or properly appreciated.

The theme for the 18th SEAPAVAA Conference “AV Archives: Why They Matter” seeks to explore and discuss the myriad of issues listed below, during the two-day Symposium on 26 and 27 May 2014.

In what ways do AV archives matter? To whom and for whom do these archives matter? Do the importance and relevance of AV archives cross national boundaries? If AV archives matter, what must archivists do in terms of their advocacy and branding, engagement with stakeholders, community outreach, provision of access, appraisal, selection, acquisition, documentation and preservation? What resources, opportunities and inspirations are there for archivists to tap on and propel them to garner greater recognition for AV archives and the archiving profession? What challenges do archivists face in their endeavours? How are these challenges being addressed?

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