Tony Hall shut BBC’s DMI project ‘to show he was new broom’, tribunal told

Tony Hall shut BBC’s DMI project ‘to show he was new broom’, tribunal told 

From the article:

BBC director general Tony Hall closed down the controversial £100m Digital Media Initiative to show he “was a new broom”, the corporation’s former chief technology officer John Linwood has claimed.

Giving evidence to an employment tribunal in London on Thursday, Linwood said he had been sacked “to make an example of someone to show a new robust attitude to accountability”.

Linwood claimed Hall did not have to take the decision to scrap DMI – a system designed to make the BBC tapeless – in May last year, saying it could have worked if it was given more time and money.

When asked if he accepted the BBC “wouldn’t have closed down DMI unless it had not had any alternative”, Linwood said: “I don’t accept that. I think the new director general Lord Hall closed it down as part of getting rid of anything with risk associated with it coming on board.”

The BBC’s lawyer, Dan Stilitz, asked Linwood: “Why would the BBC bring such criticism on itself unless it had no choice?”

Stilitz argued that the reason DMI was scrapped was because it “just didn’t work” and the tribunal heard evidence from producers in entertainment and the BBC’s archive and information department who said that using DMI meant their work took four times longer than under the old system it was supposed to replace.

Source: Guardian

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