BBC launches file delivery push

BBC launches file delivery push 

The BBC has kick-started its efforts to build an entirely file-based delivery and archive system just over a year after scrapping the Digital Media Initiative (DMI).

As part of the Digital Delivery and Archive (DDA) aspect of its End to End Digital project, the broadcaster has asked external suppliers to pitch for a contract to build and support a system to receive fi lebased programmes from inhouse and independent suppliers.

The BBC also wants a system that will allow it to hold finished programmes until they are ready to be delivered and to store them in a central archive.

The contract, which is due to start in May next year, could last up to 10 years, with an option to extend it by a further five. Its value was not disclosed.

A “rudimentary” interim solution is in place at the broadcaster as it begins to shift away from tape-based delivery. This includes Fabric, the archive tool that was developed as part of DMI.

Source: Broadcast

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