‘Right to be forgotten’: Publishers rebel against Google’s hidden results

‘Right to be forgotten’: Publishers rebel against Google’s hidden results 

Local news sites in the UK are publicising the fact that links are being hidden from the search engine – and attracting thousands of page views to the original stories as a result

One of the first UK news websites to have some of its search engine links hidden under Google’s “right to be forgotten” procedure has revealed that the move led to a large spike in traffic – and other publishers are following their example.

The Oxford Mail published a story earlier this month, telling readers that someone had asked the search engine to remove links to an article relating to a man’s shoplifting conviction.

Assistant editor Jason Collie said the original court report had been read just 28 times. Since the paper publicised the fact that the link was concealed from Google, it has been read more than 13,000 times – and the story about the removal has had more than 10,000 page views.

He said: “Whoever has asked Google to remove this story, it’s not worked. It’s brought it to a much wider audience.

Source: Journalism.co.uk

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