DAM Foundation Launches Online Courses

DAM Foundation Launches Online Courses 

The DAM Foundation Education Committee is pleased to announce the launch of its first online course, Introduction to Digital Asset Management. This adult educational offering is the only Digital Asset Management program that offers participants access to working DAM professionals as part of the curriculum.  Those who sign up for the program are offered feedback on their written assignments by members of the DAM Foundation education committee via email. Each course builds on the next, and a passing mark on assignments is required to advance to the next lesson.

The first lesson of the five-part Introduction to Digital Asset Management course is offered for free at damfoundation.org. Should participants complete the first lesson and achieve a passing mark from the education committee member overseeing their work, then the opportunity to sign up for the remaining lessons in the course will be offered. The cost of the entire five part course is $360.00 USD, and upon completion participants will receive a certificate from the DAM Foundation, as well as publicity via the DAM Foundation’s social media channels celebrating their accomplishment. The time frame for completed coursework is extended as it is expected that participants are working professionals themselves. Participants will be given six months from the pass mark of the first lesson to complete the coursework for all five lessons. Details of required coursework can be read on the Introduction to Digital Asset Management main page.

Source:  DAM Foundation

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