Sony and Memnon announce tie up for preservation projects

Sony has announced a partnership with Memnon Archiving Services, the digital preservation provider responsible for digitising, restoring and preserving audio-visual archives for cultural institutions and broadcasters.

Memnon’s customers include Danish Radio, the British Library, Bibliothèque Nationale de France and Indiana University, while Sony digitally converts and distributes over 150 million files for organisations such as BBC Worlwide and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Michel Merten, CEO Memnon Archiving Services, said: “The partnership will combine our expertise in handling and digitally preserving large volumes of sensitive, precious content of all media types with Sony’s strong heritage and world-class knowledge around broadcast and audio-visual technologies. Together, our global project delivery capabilities will support customers as they embark on the pressing task of preserving their most valuable asset: their content.”

“Our research suggests that only 21% of broadcasters have completed digitisation of their

tape libraries, and that the average organisation which hasn’t digitised will store more than 100,000 legacy tapes on-site,” said Baku Morikuni, Head of Sony’s Media Lifecycle Service. “As a result, many content owners have assets that are literally depreciating, yet simultaneously have increased opportunities for reusing and monetising their digital content, once it is made readily accessible. The time to tackle this challenge is undoubtedly now, but any successful digital preservation project is reliant on proven technological and operational expertise. We believe that large-scale digitisation is a distinct discipline that requires industrial processes and methodologies for high efficiency and consistent quality. By partnering with Memnon we’re excited to bring that expertise to even more customers,” concluded Baku Morikuni.
Source: Televisual
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