Yale project preserving Benny Goodman film and audio

NEW HAVEN >> Benny Goodman fans three centuries from now will be able to watch the “King of Swing” do his thing on classics such as “Sing, Sing, Sing,” at least if Yale has anything to do with it.

The great clarinetist and bandleader died in 1986, but his collection of family-owned films lives on here, and Yale preservationists have been working to save the images on his 16-mm and 35-mm film, as well as audio tracks on magnetic reels.

Video from Goodman’s collection at Yale, transferred to new polyester film reels, should last about 500 years under the right storage conditions, said Remi Castonguay, outgoing public services project librarian at Yale’s Gilmore Music Library and the man who spearheaded the recent preservation project.

Source: New Haven Register

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Learning How to Take VHS Tapes and Archive Their Content

VHS tapes were everywhere for a long period of time, and now they have become hopelessly obsolete technology. However, the people who taped things off the television back in the 1990s and the people who have movies on VHS will still be able to archive the content on their computers today, thus putting it into a form that they will be able to use. In this video, people will learn how to do so.
Source: Worthy Tales
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Find Archive Film Footage Of Your Postcode

As part of its current Britain on Film season, the BFI has produced an interactive ‘film map’ that allows you to search for archive videos made in your local area. Tap in your postcode and the site brings up any films it has related to said location.

The collection ranges from 1895 to the present day and includes adverts, newsreels, government-made films, TV shows and movies, as well as the world’s earliest home movies dating back to 1902.

London is particularly well represented, though it has to be said that the search can yield fairly broad results at present — better to think in terms of larger areas like the East End or the City rather than your local launderette. The project is in its early stages but has grand ambitions to grow the current catalogue of 2,500 digitized archive films to 10,000 by 2017.

Source: Londonist

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IFI Irish Film Archive publishes new Digital Preservation and Access Strategy

The IFI Irish Film Archive has published a new Digital Preservation & Access Strategy that outlines its response to the challenges and opportunities of archiving vast quantities of moving image material in a digital environment.

Over the last five years moving image production and distribution has changed from being almost entirely analogue to being predominantly digital; as the guardian of the national moving image collection the IFI Irish Film Archive is faced with the challenge of collecting, cataloguing, preserving and giving access to these digital collections for the benefit of current and future generations.

Source: IFTN

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Are we doing enough to preserve digital material for the long-term?

Are we doing enough to preserve digital material for the long-term?

Nik Stanbridge, Director of Marketing, Arkivum asks if institutions like Harvard are doing enough to preserve their digital assets

The Harvard libraries and archives contain an immense volume of digital information that has been gathered over several decades, and is therefore currently stored on hundreds of different formats that are quickly becoming outdated.

When this digital material first began to enter libraries in the 1980’s on floppy disks and tapes it was largely logged and tucked away as simply a growing collection of artefacts, and so a substantial amount of data may not have been accessed for 30 years, let alone archived or converted to a sustainable format.

Source: Information Age

See Also: Is there anything to be learnt from Harvard’s attempt to preserve its digital assets?

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Film archive saved by lottery funding

Film archive saved by lottery funding

Hours of archive film footage showing Wolverhampton life from the 50s to the 70s have been rescued from the brink of extinction, in a lottery-funded preservation project

Source: Express and Star

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Fairfax Media reaches agreement over photo archive dispute

Fairfax Media reaches agreement over photo archive dispute

Fairfax Media can finally get the remainder of its priceless photo collection digitised after US photo archivers Rogers Photo Archive went into receivership

Digitisation of Fairfax Media’s photos will resume after the company reached an agreement with the receiver of Roger Photo Archive in the United States.

Source: Stuff.co.nz

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