Print out digital photos or risk losing them, Google boss warns

Print out digital photos or risk losing them, Google boss warns

Internet pioneer Vint Cerf says it is time to start preserving the vast quantities of digital data before they are lost forever

Google‘s vice president has warned internet users to print out treasured photographs or risk losing them.

Vint Cerf, the internet pioneer, said it was time to start preserving the vast quantities of digital data which are produced before they are lost forever.

Warning that the 21st century could become a second “Dark Ages” because so much data is now kept in digital format, he said that future generations would struggle to understand our society because technology is advancing so quickly that old files will be inaccessible.

Speaking at a conference in San Jose, California, Mr Cerf likened the problem to the Dark Ages, the period in Britain between the 5th and 8th centuries where little is known, following the collapse of the Roman Empire.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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The changing world of archives and digital media

The following post was written by Dr. Jo Ann Rayfield Archives graduate assistant Samantha Wolter as part of our monthlong series on digital archives.

Throughout the month of February, I will be talking with you about the importance of archiving and providing access to digital media and look at the role digital preservation plays in that work.

As archivists, the purpose of our work is to collect and protect the university’s memory in order for current and future generations to have access to our collected physical and digital data. Margaret Hedstrom, faculty member at the University of Michigan School of Information and frequent author on digital preservation, defines digital preservation as “the planning, resource allocation, and application of preservation methods and technologies necessary to ensure that digital information of continuing value remains accessible and usable.”1 

Source: Illinois State University

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London’s broadband? It’s quicker to send by bicycle

London’s broadband? It’s  quicker to send by bike

MP says digital firm needs nine hours to upload a two-minute film

London’s hi-tech businesses are being held back by a lack of superfast broadband connections with one TV firm sending films by bicycle instead as it is quicker, the Commons was being told today.

Staff at Proudfoot, a digital content provider in St John Street, get on their bikes to transport footage to Covent Garden in 15 minutes rather than taking an hour or two to upload the material and send it using broadband.

Source: Evening Standard

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BBC launches BBC Taster

BBC launch project asking online audiences to pick next generation of stars 

The BBC is asking online audiences to help discover the next generation of stars after launching a new interactive platform in which users shape the content and rate what they see.

BBC Taster, created by the team behind the iPlayer, will open up the usually secretive development process through which new talent is traditionally uncovered and awarded commissions.

BBC Taster will also allow users to play “mash-ups” of material sitting in the BBC archive. The launch content includes 40 minutes of unseen material from a Jennifer Saunders Newsnight interview with Lena Dunham, the Girls creator. Re-versioned with animated elements, users can navigate directly to Dunham talking about topics such as “Don’t pap me.”


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Save the Voices of Tolkien, Joyce And Tennyson

Save the Voices of Tolkien, Joyce And Tennyson 

Over a century of noise lives on in the vast collection of the British Library’s sound archives.

There’s the slightly high voice of James Joyce, reading an excerpt from Ulysses. A warbling recording captures Lord Tennyson reciting a poem. J.R.R. Tolkien has a short conversation with a tobacconist. There’s hours of testimony from WWI soldiers. The national archive of music lives there too, as do hundreds of recordings of nature, the sounds of industry, the oral histories and decades of theatrical performances.

Source: Smithsonian

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DAM’s Roadmap for 2015 and Beyond: Interoperability, Analytics

DAM’s Roadmap for 2015 and Beyond: Interoperability, Analytics 

By Jeff Lawrence

Featured Guide: How to Promote Your Referral Program    

 A number of vendors in the DAM industry were asked one question, “What innovative new features and technologies will you offer in 2015?” And while the DAM and MAM industry is diverse, four clear trends emerged. We covered the plans for reimagined user interfaces and approaches to making video more accessible yesterday, which leaves us with the question of interoperability between systems and vendor’s efforts to meet the demand for built in business intelligence and analytics. 


Source: CMS Wire

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