Internet Archive founders to discuss future of digital preservation at 2015 ALA Annual Conference

SAN FRANCISO—The Internet Archive started by archiving the Web, but now works with hundreds of librarians and partners to create digital collections both centralized and distributed. Join Internet Archive founder and digital librarian Brewster Kahle at this year’s 2015 American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference when he discusses the challenges of presenting modern materials for each media type. The interactive session, titled “Building Libraries Together,” takes place from 10:30 to 11:30a.m. on Saturday, June 27, 2015, in San Francisco. The session will be held at the Moscone Convention Center in room 2007 of the West building.

The Internet Archive offers public access to historical collections that exist in digital formats. During the conference session, Kahle will share his vision of how cooperation, shared technology and risk can result in many winners in the digital library world.

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Are You Doing Enough to Prevent Link Rot?

Are You Doing Enough to Prevent Link Rot?

Organizations and universities alike have been banding together to prevent important-yet-dated documents from disappearing entirely online. Digital preservation is a big problem, and it’s one that associations—with their significant content offerings—should do more to solve. Here’s how.

Source: Associations Now

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Saving the digital record: Harvard Library safeguards material stored on obsolete formats

Saving the digital record: Harvard Library safeguards material stored on obsolete formats

When digital becomes dinosaur, most people simply get inconvenienced. But librarians and archivists get seriously concerned.

Ensuring that digital content — whether it’s a short story by John Updike or a very rare audio recording of a vanished Native American language — lives on past its initial platform is one of the most pressing issues in preservation science. Harvard is one of a handful of cultural institutions in the first wave of adopting a technology and process to preserve its digital content.

Source: Science Blog

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ITN Source aids up-and-coming filmmakers with archive footage and research advice in Indiegogo deal

ITN Source, ITN’s footage licensing division, has partnered with crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to help filmmakers attain the tools and content they require to master the trade.

As a result of the partnership, film and documentary makers drafting Indiegogo campaigns can connect directly with the ITN Source team for free research advice and assistance with obtaining archive materials for their projects. Furthermore, free digital screeners can be downloaded from ITN Source for use in pitches.

The partnership will also give Indiegogo campaigners direct access to view full TV programmes and films from the ITV Studios collection.

Source: The Drum

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Sony and Memnon Archiving Services announce partnership

Sony and Memnon Archiving Services announce partnership

Sony has announced a partnership with Memnon Archiving Services, a leading digital preservation provider responsible for digitising, restoring and preserving more than two million hours of audio-visual archives for numerous cultural institutions and broadcasters around the world.​Sony’s Media Lifecycle Services and Memnon will jointly offer their technology and industrial workflow proficiency and experience to customers, based upon their combined expertise of delivering large-scale digital preservation projects involving audio, video and film content. Memnon’s customers include Danish Radio, the British Library, Bibliothèque Nationale de France and Indiana University, while Sony digitally converts and distributes over 150 million files for organisations such as BBC Worlwide and Sony Pictures Entertainment

Source: On Screen Asia



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Why storage isn’t a dead zone of innovation

Why storage isn’t a dead zone of innovation

Most people who miss Storage Visions (SV) which is held just before CES (Consumer Electronics Show) say storage isn’t as sexy as a wearable or connected car … pity.

SV covered my favorite subjects — storage and M&E (Media & Entertainment)

Two of the sessions were worlds apart: the professional story tellers and the growing population of independent filmmakers. Both sessions had different views on how our movies, documentaries and shorts are developed, produced, distributed and saved.

In the Pro session, Josef Marc, Archimedia co-founder, spelled out the differences in trends and movements.

Source: Computer Dealer News

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Library of Congress Releases Digital Audio of 75 Years of Recordings

Library of Congress Releases Digital Audio of 75 Years of Recordings

When the technological push behind the publishing industry first took off, one of the many great promises about this wave of the literary future was in the ability to record and store great works for all time, protecting our literary history in an indestructible archive. Google’s ambitious digitization project has started on that path to preservation, but the initial release yesterday from the Library of Congress has added even more highly valuable content: digital audio of famous recordings.

The digital audio, which includes recordings of poetry, speaking engagements at the LoC, and audio sessions in the LoC’s own Jefferson Building recording studio, often features the authors themselves in the recordings, reading from their own works. The archived content was originally captured on magnetic tape, but thanks to the digitization, the content is now being released from remote streaming access. Of the proposed 2,000 works that will undergo this preservation process, the first fifty are now available and an additional five recordings per month are planned.

Source: Goode Reader

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