Missing episodes of Monty Python precursor At Last the 1948 Show found

Missing episodes of Monty Python precursor At Last the 1948 Show found

Two missing episodes of the cult comedy series At Last the 1948 Show, a precursor to the Monty Python series, have been unearthed. The episodes, in which three then hatchling Pythons starred, feature one of John Cleese’s favourite sketches.

They have been placed in the national archives of the British Film Institute (BFI), which was alerted to their existence by a member of the public and one of them – episode three – will be screened at a film festival next week.

The discovery of the footage, which follows that of two more episodes last year, means that 11 of the original 13 episodes have now been preserved, with audio recordings of the remaining two also surviving.

Steve Bryant, the senior curator for television at the BFI national archive, said: “Once almost forgotten, the recovery and restoration of episodes of At Last the 1948 Show by the BFI over the past 25 years has led to it being acknowledged as one of the key milestones of British television comedy.

Source: Guardian

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Play it again: One fan’s quest to save old video games

Play it again: One fan’s quest to save old video games


We now recognize the late Yasujiro Ozu as one of Japan’s finest film directors, but his early works are lost to history, victims of a time when cinema was seen as disposable entertainment and not an art form worth saving. Joseph Redon doesn’t want the same thing to happen to video games.

“You wouldn’t classify opera as ‘old music.’ It’s classical music. Video games are the same. These titles are classics and should be valued as such. Even a lousy game hints at how the medium evolved so we must preserve everything, not just the best sellers.”

A network engineer by trade, he has a broad smile and a way of speaking that’s as measured and methodical as a clean line of code. When the French native moved to Tokyo in 2000 to research and archive retro Japanese PC titles he was shocked to find collections left to languish within an inclusive community. He wormed his way inside through online auctions and forums to contact others who shared his passion. In 2011, he established the Game Preservation Society, an NPO to save gaming from the landfill of pop culture.

Source: Japan Times


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Million minutes of archive film footage goes online

Million minutes of archive film footage goes online

A million minutes of archive film footage has gone online, much of it not seen for 50 years.

The videos from Associated Press paint a picture of London’s changing landscape and culture.


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The International Olympic Committee Just Rescued Its Priceless Video Archive

The International Olympic Committee Just Rescued Its Priceless Video Archive

Seven years and 100,000 hours of work later, the IOC’s archive has been digitized and preserved

In a time of ever-changing formats and a glut of unforgettable footage, archival preservation of all that tape doesn’t come cheap. That’s what the International Olympic Committee (IOC) discovered when they set out to rescue its threatened audiovisual archive, reports the AFP.

In 2007, the IOC discovered a large portion of its audiovisual archive faced corrosion and destruction. Some of the film was deteriorating, and many video resources had to be transferred to other media because the equipment to play it was long gone. Saving it cost them seven years, 30 million Euro, and 100,000 hours of work. But now, they’ve rescued, digitized and conserved over 30,000 hours of video and 500,000 pictures.

Source: Smithsonian

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Is SnapChat-style digital decay on the rise – and should it be welcomed?

Is SnapChat-style digital decay on the rise – and should it be welcomed?

Data is everywhere. While your photos, documents and emails for the last two decades are probably archived and accessible somewhere, your tweets, social media updates, instant messages and blogs are not only on the internet for all time, but fully indexed and searchable by Google.

It was the fashion a few years ago to ditch worldly possessions, live out of a laptop and declare yourself a ‘digital minimalist’. There were excitable news reports on the ‘cult of less’, irritating TED talks, books and blogs, but thanks to cloud accounts, Flickr and portable HDDs it has transpired that data is just as hard to prune as physical possessions.

“Currently, ‘forgetting’ data – i.e. deliberately deleting it – routinely requires more effort than having it preserved,” says Viktor Mayer-Schonberger, Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation at Oxford and author of Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age. “This increases the ‘cost’ of digital forgetting, and thus tilts the default towards preservation. As a consequence digital minimalists need to spend significant time and effort to get rid of data.”

Source: Techradar
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Yale project preserving Benny Goodman film and audio

NEW HAVEN >> Benny Goodman fans three centuries from now will be able to watch the “King of Swing” do his thing on classics such as “Sing, Sing, Sing,” at least if Yale has anything to do with it.

The great clarinetist and bandleader died in 1986, but his collection of family-owned films lives on here, and Yale preservationists have been working to save the images on his 16-mm and 35-mm film, as well as audio tracks on magnetic reels.

Video from Goodman’s collection at Yale, transferred to new polyester film reels, should last about 500 years under the right storage conditions, said Remi Castonguay, outgoing public services project librarian at Yale’s Gilmore Music Library and the man who spearheaded the recent preservation project.

Source: New Haven Register

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Learning How to Take VHS Tapes and Archive Their Content

VHS tapes were everywhere for a long period of time, and now they have become hopelessly obsolete technology. However, the people who taped things off the television back in the 1990s and the people who have movies on VHS will still be able to archive the content on their computers today, thus putting it into a form that they will be able to use. In this video, people will learn how to do so.
Source: Worthy Tales
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